Sandspur Farms

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Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

Our land has been in my family since 1864 and we are a working family farm. For generations back we have always raised livestock in a way that agrees with the land and our bodies. We grow our vegetables in accordance with organic standards, which includes using non-GMO seeds and growing in accordance with both Certified Naturally Grown Standards and organic standards. We will offer CSA boxes again as soon as spring rolls around. Our grass-fed & pasture finished beef comes from our purebred Texas Longhorns. Longhorns are the last breed that has not been researched over & over as to how much weight they can gain on grain. Feedlots don’t like them for their horns but we adore them for their horns and beautiful color patterns. Our hogs are a mix of old breeds like Hereford, Berkshire, Hampshire and Yorkshire. We have a litter of Duroc/hampshire coming soon too. They’re allowed to be pigs, never spending a day on concrete nor in confinement feeding operations. NONE of our animals ever receive antibiotics or growth hormones. We’ve gone to great links to even make sure our seed stock were never given any either. Our meat is processed in a federally inspected USDA facility that is also animal welfare approved. More turkeys and chickens will be coming soon. Our adventure is growing more and more each year and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.
PRICING!! We keep our prices low because we believe that if we are putting LESS into our product it should COST LESS, not more. People shouldn’t have to pay higher prices for the label in order to eat a better quality product and to know where there food comes from.
Please call me with any questions or concerns because customer satisfaction is extremely important to me. THANK YOU!

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