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April 29 Market Newsletter

This Week’s Newsletter:
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Market ChitChat
Wisdom from Mayim Farms
This Week’s Grower Notes

Cooking Thyme

If you love learning, good food, good company and a great time, Cooking Thyme is a unique opportunity for anyone age 6 and above to experience all those things.

Cooking Thyme was founded in 2014 by a fellow Market at Dothan customer, Allison Moody. The back story of Cooking Thyme is that Allison was diagnosed with AML Leukemia after a 16 year career in furniture sales.  After surviving cancer, her desire was to share her long time passion for food in a meaningful way by offering informal instruction in the art of cooking to people of all ages.  In the spring of 2016, she returned to her furniture sales career, but periodically offers cooking classes and a variety of freshly prepared foods throughout the year.

“The idea of Cooking Thyme was inspired by Hebrews 13:2 which reads “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so, some have shown hospitality to angels and did not know it”. The goals of Cooking Thyme are to provide freshly prepared food items that comfort the soul and the opportunity for hands-on training to people of all ages in hopes they find joy in cooking as a means to show hospitality to others.”

Cooking Thyme is now scheduling a variety of camps and classes for younger cooks this summer. For adults, Allison offers customized lesson/events to suit many needs; everything from Girls Night Out and How to Survive in the Dorm to a Date Night for couples.

So if you looking for a great experience for your budding chef or want a different kind of intimate social event, or just want to expand on your own base of culinary knowledge, look no further!


Spring Market Schedule

Order Online April 29 – May 2 for Pickup on May 5
Order Online May 6 – May 9 for Pickup on . . .
Thursday, May 11 at Spring Open House!

Come join the fun 4-7pm at Dothan Nurseries, 1300 Montgomery Hwy., Dothan, AL

Order Online May 13 – May 16 for Pickup on Friday, May 19
Order Online May 20 – May 23 for Pickup on Friday, May 26

Please note that barring the unexpected, Market at Dothan will be open for the foreseeable future every week through the end of July.

Market ChitChat

Did you notice the new category on the Market page this week? We’re offering a $5 gift certificate to the first person who emails us with it.

A hearty THANK YOU to Mrs. Patty who donated another refrigerator to the Market last week. As summer approaches it will be a great help in keeping everyone’s orders in peak condition!

Healing Is In The Leaves!

We at Mayim Farm want to see you at your best, healthiest potential!

Sometimes through lifestyle choices or hereditary non-options we have issues. However, our Creator has provided healing.
Our bodies are designed to heal!!!
We are creating a line of medicinal tinctures, salves and oils…natural products. Products created from nature that help our bodies heal.
Naturally if we eat a healthy organic diet we can create and maintain our best, but sometimes our body needs a little help with concentrates to give it a jump start.

These compounds are derived from plants that are native to the area we live in. We go out gather these native plants, concentrate them and provide them in a usable form that fits with our busy lifestyle. Not everyone has the time to do the research, collect the material and process it to a usable form…no need, we do it for you!
There is no substitute for eating right, but when your body needs a little help or a jump start we have an option for you…
We are here for you and your family…

Remember: Our bodies are designed to heal, all we need to do is give it the tools to work with!!

This Week’s Grower Notes

We have the best Growers in the Wiregrass! Please learn more about them on our Grower Page.

SANDSPUR FARMS: The time has come!! As you are reading this, I’m probably finishing the first “pickin” of our squash. We will start this week with our CSA boxes! Squash, green beans, zucchini and who know what all else will come ready between now and Friday. Our blueberries should be coming very soon as well. There will be several types, so be sure and read the descriptions.
Also, we have reduced the price of our ground beef and offer some bundle packs. If you have not yet tried it, you really should! It has very little to no fat to drain off. It also has no additives for color or anything else. The dark red color is what wholesome, 14 day aged ground beef looks like. Plus, it’s not from old dairy cows either. Thanks again for your continued support!

HORTON’S FARM: Honey Flow! Our bees continue to work hard bringing in nectar for this years honey crop. Out here in rural Dale County they have access to some blooming (nuisance) plants that are not normally found in urban environments where property is managed more closely. A case in point is the Southern Prickly Ash. Ours were COVERED in bees for three days last week. The last time they bloomed this well our honey had a quality/taste to it that can only be described as “buttery”.

The Indians called the Southern Prickly Ash a “toothache tree” because of its numbing ability.
It’s easy to see why people don’t want it on their property!

AVALON FARMS: This weekend finds me in Birmingham celebrating my youngest child’s graduation from UAB. Excited to see what comes next for him.

We’ve added green beans to the market this week. The squash are coming along and those silver dollar sized patty pans ought to size up this week. God willing.


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