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Meet Lily Twigs!

There are no words to describe how honored, humbled and grateful we are to host this young company owned and operated by an even more amazing young woman. Lily Twigs is going to be with us for Open House next Thursday, May 11 and we couldn’t be more excited. Rather than tell you all about it, we’ll let Brannah tell you herself in her own words.


If you’ve been in the Wiregrass any length of time you are familiar with the wonderful de Jong family who produce Alabama’s Organic Milk on their family farm in Slocomb. Some of that delicious milk is now being made into cheese and Rinske’s Cheese is now listed on the Market page. Both Rinske and her wonderful cheese, described as “young gouda”, will be with us at Open House next week! Working Cows also has beef products listed on the Market page. Congratulations and Welcome to Market at Dothan!


OPeN hOuSe is HerE!!!

Order Online May 6 – May 9 and Pickup your Order on . . .
Thursday, May 11 from 4pm – 7 pm
(note: Daleville Order Pickup will take place on Friday as usual at the Chamber of Commerce)

Come join the fun 4-7 pm at Dothan Nurseries, 1300 Montgomery Hwy., Dothan, AL

Old Friends and New Friends alike will be set up in Traditional “Tent” style with everything you could want in a Farmer’s Market and More! This year’s theme is Farmhouse Fixin’s. This event takes place every year the Thursday before Mother’s Day and is always filled with Beauty, Music, Good Food, Great Folks and FUN! Market Orders will be picked up in our regular place and the Tent Market will be located close to the Butterfly House on the site of our original Market for those who remember!

The Following Vendors (and maybe more!) will be present:

Avalon Farms – Fresh Vegetables

The Tea Cart – Mrs. Birdie with Gourmet Teas

Sandspur Farms: Finest Farmhouse Fixins you can find Anywhere!

D’s Jellies – Wiregrass Famous Gourmet Jellies

Richter Farms: Red Wattle Pork

Pampered Chef hosted by Cara Coleman

Creative Trivets Too & Cutting Boards – you will LOVE Molly!

Casablanca Farms: San Gertrude Beef

Lily Twigs – Unique Handcrafted Farm Style Gift Items

Working Cows Dairy – Come try the best cheese in the Wiregrass!

Horton Honey Farm: Fresh Local Honey and Bee Related Goods

Market ChitChat

Congratulations to K.J., M.J. And K.K. who all got received a $5 credit on their next order for correctly identifying a new category on the Market page. You’re thinking “Why three winners?” Two of them tied identifying Pet Products as a new category, and the third identified CSA Boxes almost as soon as it was created. It was so much fun we’re going to keep this little contest going indefinitely. With the Market growing more categories are possible! So keep an eye out. We won’t tell you when one is created and if you spot one and write us first, we’ll give you $5 off your next order too!

Danny’s Gourmet Salad Mix

Thank you K.K. For submitting this product review:

“I’ve been ordering Danny’s Gourmet Tender Bagged Salad Mix for over a year and have never been disappointed. These salad greens are sweet and tender and make a delicious salad base. The various textures and flavors blend together perfectly, and it’s all I’ll use for my daily salads now. I’ve even used the blend on sandwiches, where it’s just as delicious.
When I first began ordering, I was pleasantly surprised by just how long these greens stay fresh. I usually eat the whole bag myself, and I’ve never had a bag begin going bad before I can finish it. Danny’s blend beats anything you’ll find at a grocery store – hands down!

Thanks for the opportunity to share. I hope Danny will continue to have his lettuces available for a long time.”

Messages from Our Growers

We have the best Growers in the Wiregrass! Please learn more about them on our Grower Page.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Spring Open House. We’ll have samples of our Sassy Apricot Habanero Jam, Pear Honey, Ginger Pears and Pear Preserves.

The sunflowers are getting close!! I’m like a little kid, everyday I check to see if the golden petals have started to open. If some open they’ll be available at the Open House.

The first blackberries are getting a blush of color. These berries are huge, thumb sized jewels of deliciousness. Extra sweet, because we don’t pick them until they are fully ripe. They should start coming in end of the month.

D’S JELLIES: D’s Blueberry Preserves is my new product and will be available at Spring Open House.  Our Mayhaws are ripening and I have been busy gathering them for D’s Mayhaw Jelly.  D’s Blackberry Jelly will be available, too.  D’s Hot Pepper Jelly should be available in June when our peppers are ready.  There will be samples of my jellies and preserves for you to taste at Open House.  I hope to see you there!


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