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June 3 Market At Dothan Newsletter

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Getting to Know You . . .

If you are not familiar with To Work With My Hands it is our great delight to introduce this blog and the wonderful woman behind it.

To Work With My Hands was well underway and going strong when I first met Karen King a few years ago and my respect and admiration for her has only grown with the passage of time. She is one of those rare individuals who manages many things well and still finds time for growth, improvement, doing things she loves and SHARING. Her sweet generous spirit is one of the unspoken things that comes through her photos, her writing and now Facebook Live videos.

Would you have thought these beautiful items started as recycled, re-purposed or thrifted pieces?

If you missed her last week on Hometalk, it is available to view in the May 31 posts and well worth scrolling down for. And for more good news, three more are scheduled! Watching them in real time is fun as viewers can interact with her, and if you’re like me and have to catch one later, it’s still informative and inspirational. I’m wishing now I had stopped by Hobby Lobby for some 26 gauge wire on the way home from Market yesterday as I have a ton of great beads that I know what to do with now!

Here are the dates and times for the other Facebook Live Videos on the Hometalk page:

Wednesday, June 7, 12pm
Wednesday June 14, 12pm
Wednesday, June 21, 12pm

You’re sure to enjoy your visit to To Work With My Hands and we hope you’ll catch Karen’s videos every chance you can. And when you find yourself waiting to pick up an order some Friday alongside a sweet lady with a familiar face, well, now you know who she is and we know she’d love to meet you too!

In Season

“Every man knows something I do not know, hence all men are my teachers.”

One of the great things about interacting with people is learning new things, and with the Market, learning about new ways to use fresh foods is always fun. Feel free to share what inspires you the way these two items have inspired us this week!

Carrot Top Pesto
Pesto is easy to make and Danny’s Carrots (with tops!)are just right for this recipe. Thank you,Don’t Waste the Crumbs

What could be more southern than squash, tomatoes and eggplant in a cast iron skillet, and what can be more Italian than classic Ratatouille made from scratch? This version from BuzzFeed includes a helpful video.

Market ChitChat

A hearty THANK YOU to everyone who was patient as their orders were collected and checked out Friday. As we transition into the hot summer months more and more tender foods will need to be kept refrigerated for safety and freshness. Your kind understanding is greatly appreciated!

Another thing to keep in mind going into summer, don’t panic if your favorite item or grower is not available on a given week! Sometimes crops need to grow a bit longer or the butcher does not meet a deadline or the grower might take a much deserved vacation!

Only one week away! Mayim Farms will be hosting a Compost Tea Workshop focusing on soil biodiversity and healthy growing practices. For more information visit them on Facebook .

This Week’s Grower Notes

We have the best Growers in the Wiregrass! Please learn more about them on our Grower Page.

It looks like everyone is busy out on the farm today but this guy from Sandy Valley dropped in to say “Hi”.
We’re wondering what kind of compost Scotty is using to grow Veggie Tales characters!


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