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June 17 Market Newsletter

This Week’s Newsletter:
New Vendor Spotlight
A Visit to the Farm
In Season
Grower Notes

Welcome Hawkins Homestead Farms!

It’s been a while since I first heard of this farm through one of our customers. At the time I wondered why I’d never heard of them and whether their farm practices were in line with our Market values. Now that I know I’m super impressed and excited to welcome them to Market at Dothan!

“Our family specializes in fresh eggs, pastured chicken, and organic seasonal produce you’ll be happy to eat! We are a small urban farm that started out trying to find a way to feed our own family in a healthy and sustainable manner. It’s so important that we know what we’re feeding ourselves, where our food comes from, what it ate, and how it was raised or grown. Our birds are spoiled rotten! The majority spend their time free ranging in our backyard pasture. We let them out early in the day and they are locked up once they go in at night. We do supplement with a Non-GMO feed for our egg layers and a Non-GMO Organic feed for our meat birds which is rationed each day. In addition, they also receive treats in the form of organic herbs and vegetables from our garden with some occasional black oiled sunflower seeds, which they love. We try to find a use for almost everything here, so we compost our scraps and our chicken manure. Doing things this way has enabled us to re-purpose and grow some wonderful goodies in the garden. We are committed to the care and health of our animals and the food we grow. We never use antibiotics, growth hormones, or pesticides. Our produce is grown from Non-GMO Organic seed and a few Non-GMO Organic started plants. We take pride in what we do and are happy to say that what started out as food for our family has blossomed into food for yours.” 

Soil Workshop Review

“If you grow the soil, the plant will take care of itself” Greg Lolley

Last week another grower and myself made a pleasant drive to Opp, Alabama and found ourselves temporarily lost on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere after the GPS delivered us to the wrong place. Fortunately I had a phone number and we weren’t too far from the workshop that Mayim Farms was hosting.

It proved to be a very valuable visit! We learned about soil biology and how to make compost tea that helps both plants and soil thrive.

Left: Can you identify the three Market growers in this photo?
Right: Looking at a soil sample. You can see the tunnel house to the left. The aquaponics shed is to the right.

While Organic/Sustainable growing methods continue to gain popularity, some of the methods used by our Market Growers do not fit in the “box” created by traditional big-agra methods. It goes far beyond substituting a bad chemical for a less bad Omri approved one. The heart of organic farming is the soil because a healthy soil will produce a healthy plant that puts forth good fruit. (Hmmm . . . sounds like the beginning of a Bible Lesson!) For all their “scientific” ways of manipulating soil to produce thousands of pounds of perfect 4 inch or 4 oz. tasteless “whatevers”, the quality our growers produce is off the chart in comparison. We are blessed indeed!

In Season: EGGPLANT!

We thought we’d share some recent personal experience with Market Eggplants.

You know how Pinterest has a “Tried It!” button? Well, the following photo is Ros’s “tried it” for the ratatouille recipe published two weeks ago. A good 80% of the ingredients came from the Market including Avalon’s Japanese Eggplant. The shape and density of this variety worked very well with the size of the Sandspur Zucchini and Squash. We substituted bell with home grown banana peppers, probably went a little heavy on the garlic, tried the variegated basil the first time and a few dried herbs . . . but the result . . . .!!!

Fresh and dried herbs were added to the top before baking. The original recipe can be found here.
This is the kind of dish that’s fun for kids to help prepare and it’s a great learning experience!

From Mrs. Melody

“I wanted you and everyone to know how thoroughly I enjoyed the new eggplant variety I purchased this week from Restoration Gardens. Not only were they beautiful to look at but tasted delicious!

I cut a few of them in half length ways and quickly sauted/stir fried them in garlic butter. Then I added in some of the gourmet baby squash I got from Avalon Farms and finished it off with some fresh ground pepper. Be careful not to over cook the eggplant since it has such a high water content it can get really mushy quite fast. I finished it off with some fresh ground pepper and had this as my supper last night. It would also make a terrific side dish.

Instead of it being named Asian Fairy Tale Eggplant it should be called HEAVENLY DREAM!! I will definitely be buying more of both these items. Hope the farmers can figure out a way to extend the season for each!"

This photo shows Fairytale Eggplant along with other common varieties.

This Week’s Grower Notes

We have the best Growers in the Wiregrass! Please learn more about them on our Grower Page.

DANNY’S GREENS: Danny recently finished creating some new growing beds and replanting his lettuces. They won’t be big enough to harvest for next week but will the following week in time for July 4th celebrations. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

HORTONS FARM: Look what’s coming to Market next week! For all you jam, jelly and pickle makers who give the good stuff at Christmas, this is a cute and cheap way to dress up your creations!

Holiday and non-holiday versions are available. First come first served.


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