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Woo Hoo - Another M@D Newsletter!

And we’re still open for orders!

Sometimes things just don’t go the way you planned. At least this time we CAUGHT the error and can correct it. Our apologies to Grier Acres for the error that caused this not to be in the newsletter. We appreciate them so much and don’t want you to miss out on what’s going on with them.

GRIER ACRES: Jeannie and Harry here and enjoying getting back to a routine.  Jeannie has started back to work full time which means we are probably going to take a rest on veggies.  We will have smoking wood and fat lighter/’’fatwood’’—-if we ever get to cool weather. Our okra has went dormant as we just stopped picking.  We did have some sunflowers but the stink bugs got those. Last year it was the deer. We still have our chickens but Jeannie has a regular customer that buys her out almost every week.  We did adopt a neighbors chickens but these are the ugliest chickens ever seen. We probably need a contest to see if anyone can name the breed of these chickens. We have almost finished our fencing for meat goats.  If anyone knows of a donkey/jenny/ass that needs a home we would like it. We know we have coyotes and until we get a livestock dog we would like one. It would also be nice for it to have some relief, too. Hope all is well.  We still have some watermelons maturing and will post when they get ready on their own sweet time. Peppers-ghost are still producing as well as habanero and thai peppers.