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I am a small town girl who has always loved living in the country. My husband and I are retired and live on a small farm in Echo community outside of Ozark. I raise a few chickens and have strived to improve my breed of layers to desirable brown color and larger sized eggs. I sell fresh eggs on my farm and try and use the eggs when I have an abundance, making varieties of pickled eggs. My Momma always says use what you have and don’t waste what you have. I also make cucumber pickles, relishes, and jellies of all kinds. I love doing the preserving in the summer to enjoy the bounty well thru the winter. I have 3 grown children who have learned many of the canning skills I have passed down and they try and use what they have learned living on the farm during their childhood years. My 7 grandchildren are following in many of the ways of farming, one is in 4-H and will soon be in a project of raising his own chickens and showing them. I am very proud of being a person who loves being outdoors with my chickens and bee’s, yes we have started a few hives of bees, love the wonder of it all. We have our own blueberries, grow a few vegetables, and love the fruit trees consisting of pomegranate trees, figs, persimmons, apples, grapes, pears, pecans, loquats, and crabapples. I try and add some new trees every year. So you can see I have a lot to work with thru the growing season. I will try and add products as I can to improve my site. With a love of the land and all it can give us I am proud to be a Farmers wife.

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