Restoration Gardens

Website: m.facebook.com/restorationgardensAL/

Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

Hi, we’re glad you’ve visited us! We hope that you have enjoyed the fruits of our land and hands, or may soon have the opportunity to do so. It is our goal and privilege to provide our fellow humanity with completely safe, supremely flavorful, and maximally nutritious food.

Restoration Gardens is a very small, Christian, deep-organic family farm located in Samson, AL. Our family of five work hard together to keep our fledgling enterprise in good progression.

We function with a mission to bring glory to God by restoring the land to health and productivity, and subsequently, the people who depend upon it for life and health. We are so happy to fill our place in this virtuous employment alongside so many other wonderful folks. This is a necessary work that we are thrilled to see a revival of. It’s our belief that human life started with the soil, and that there is an immutable connection between the soil and our society’s health and well being – thus the name Restoration Gardens – connection with God through/and nature is restorative.

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