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Time for Your M@D Order! April 17, 2021 Newsletter

Market at Dothan is open to accept orders. Orders close Tuesday at 5pm
We use the word “Sustainable” over “Organic”.
You can grow organic without being sustainable, but you cannot be sustainable without utilizing organic practices.
Thank you for your continued support of our local farmers. We count it a privilege to serve you!
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Have you ever experienced an accident that there’s simply nothing you can do to fix it? That’s what happened to today’s newsletter. A great piece about the 2021 Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen (commercially grown) food list simply disappeared into cyberspace. Fortunately the image is still available for our educational purposes, but with the text gone and grandbabies on the way here, our comments will simply have to wait till another time. Priorities, you know.



Toscano Kale from Avalon Farms
Senposai from Avalon Farms
Tokyo bekana from Avalon Farms
Asparagus from Avalon Farms
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Mark Your Calendar
Spring open house
Is Saturday, May 8. Many of our M@D Vendors will be present.

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Avalon Farms: … reporting from a remote location near Cheaha State Park.

Excited to finally offer some fresh vegetables! It’s been a slow spring here at Avalon but things are popping along now. Listed a small supply of asparagus, red and white russian kales, senposai and tokyo bekana greens. I also have several other pac choi type greens(and reds!) growing, but will have to wait till I get back home and find my notes to tell you about them because I can’t remember their names. Ha Ha

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CASABLANCA RANCH is taking a few weeks off from the Market as their permanent day to day operations transition to another generation. Mr. Paul has seen this day coming for a long time and the family is well prepared to continue serving their customers. There’s also the issue of the young calves needing to fatten up a bit more . . . they send greetings and will be back soon.

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible! `