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For years our family had fallen into the trend of eating out, eating fried foods, and eating way too many carbs! It had long been our desire to eat healthier by including more vegetables in our diet. It just seemed, how should we say, out of reach. With our health and vitality on the line,however, we decided to give it a try. As we did so, we recognized that much of the so called “healthy” vegetables we were purchasing were filled with chemicals and pesticides! This was actually working against the very thing we were working to preserve, our health. So although it meant a higher grocery bill we began to buy organic produce and dairy whenever we could. We were always very impressed with the untainted flavor of organic foods. Just when we would get a good routine going, the market would shift, prices would increase, or products would become unavailable all together! This became immeasurably frustrating! Soon it was no longer practical for our family of four to purchase organic foods. For a time we gave up. Then with the untimely death of a dear loved one we received a real wake up call! We knew we needed to improve but didn’t know how until the light bulb went off. Why not grow some of our own produce? So was born Bain Home Gardens. We began to cultivate our 3/4 acre property. It was a shaky start but on a several occasions we have harvested an overflow of produce and shared that with friends, family, and even complete strangers! We received great reviews about our produce and were encouraged to join the market. So here we are! It is our hope to really add to the diversity of the market and share our home grown goodness with our community!

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