Yard Eatins


For years, we’ve grown at least some of what our family has eaten. Wherever we lived, we grew something, so we’ve gardened in rockbeds in New York, on a two acre plot in Alabama, in back yards in Michigan, in containers in Colorado, Baltimore, and Pennsylvania. Our first attempt at a community garden happened on a Michigan college campus in 2009. It was small. It was beautiful. In 2013, we moved into a new phase with our garden work, personal chef service, and cooking classes. We want to empower people to grow their own organic produce, take back some control over the variety and freshness of the food available to them, and eat truly local food. Since March 2013, we’ve been in kitchens and back yards consulting, teaching when we’re not co-learning, and applying our experience to local needs.
We grow our own herbs, peppers, and greens in a non-certified organic garden in our back yard. We grind some of our own flour and bake breads, pastries, cookies, and granola. If you love chocolate chip cookies but have never tried a truly great vegan version, we’ve got you covered. If you love the thought of fresh challah, or first-day buttermilk sandwich bread, or biscotti, cinnamon rolls, and hippie cakes, we are ready to make you happy.

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