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Welcome to Smartdocresources & Farm

We are just a new start up (just moved here from S.C) so check back often to view new products and veggies from our hydroponic farm. We have an open Hydroponic set up and use all natural nutrients and organic seeds. I love hydroponics because we can control the environment. Once you have tried hydroponic veggies, its hard to go back to the tasteless ones in the grocery store. We also have pecans and walnuts. However, as all growing…things happen! Our pecans have been waterlogged this year so we are only selling already cracked ones (we did all the work) to make sure they are good to go.

I am a retired Chiropractor, MD and alternative practitioner and love to share new resources too. I carry CBD oil and creams and other supplements. I will be sharing research and info on herbs and resources also.

Please contact me with any questions and watch for seminars and talks about a variety of subjects (including home hydroponics, composting and health subjects).

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