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November3, 2018 M@D Newsletter

We are open to accept orders.
Orders close Tuesday at 5pm
If you’re wondering about that “M@D” bit, its only about good healthy food!

This Week’s Newsletter:
Fall Farmer’s Market
The Molt Goes On
Market Chitchat
Grower Notes


Many thanks to all of you who cleared your calendars to visit us on Saturday, October 27. It was a beautiful day and despite many things going on around the city, we had many visitors. I saw a lot of bags of yummy produce leaving the stands. Mrs. Birdie had samples of Roobious Toffee Lattee and the baby goats were everybody’s favorite. Both Susan Avello’s and Mrs. Melody’s classes were well attended.

Next Saturday promises to be awesome as well and we hope you’ll include some time at Dothan Nurseries in your plans that day!

Here’s What’s Happening
Water & Milk Keifer with Katherine Johnson. Katherine is a busy mom of four boys and probably knows more about healthy gut bacteria than anyone in the Wiregrass after beating cancer. class held in the Market Shed
12pm – “Smart Doc” Virginia Schafer – Healing tips for Seasonal Change Virginia is both a medical doctor and a chiropractor whose passion is helping people. You will enjoy getting to know this dynamo of a woman. We’re so thankful she chose the Wiregrass as her new home. class held in the Market Shed
10am-2pm Farmer’s Market – Parking Lot of Dothan Nurseries


This poor hen was so embarrassed to have her photo taken!

We’ve been asked about the Market’s limited supply of eggs and the above photo is why there are so few these days. Molting is a normal and natural process of shedding feathers and re-growing them that all chickens go through. A chicken normally stops laying eggs during this process and resume once it is over. With it taking place so late in the year as the days shorten, they will resume laying at a slower rate until spring when the days get warmer and longer.


Many apologies to Hawkins Farm for bungling up their Growers Note last week. I fixed that section several times but in the end the word.doc gremlins got the best of this editor’s efforts. Rachel graciously relisted it on our Facebook page. The Market actually has two facebook pages and if you’ve not visited there we invite you to “like” or follow so you can keep up with Market happenings that take place during the week. Links to both are at the end of this newsletter.

THANKSGIVING SCHEDULE – Market at Dothan will be closed the week of Thanksgiving. This will give our growers a break for travel and visits, plus we do not believe anyone in their right mind would be wanting to pick up Market orders the day after a feast, not to mention that the same day is Black Friday with sales crazed shoppers running to and fro all over the city. If you are one of those shoppers we ask that 1) you be very safe out there, and 2) Get some good deals.

New & Relisted Products

  • Mary’s Pumpkin Banana Loaf from Mary’s Peeps
  • Breen Beans – Avalon Farms
  • Cold Brew Coffee from Hortons Farm
  • CBD Oil from Smart Doc Resources
  • Tatsoi – Avalon Farms
  • Kumquats from Hortons FarmFarms
  • Shena’s Pepper Jelly from Bain Home Gardens
  • Mary’s Pumpkin Pound Cake from Mary’s Peeps
  • CBD Pain Cream from Smart Doc Resources


We have the best Growers in the Wiregrass! Please learn more about them on our Grower Page.

HORTON’S FARM: We were both aggrivated and heartbroken a few weeks back when our cold brew machine started showering the entire kitchen with coffee concentrate. Talk about a mess! After several retrys and an exam by the resident mechanical/electrical person in our house it was clear that the unit was done for and couldn’t be repaired.

I’m glad to tell you that wasn’t the end of the story. I contacted the manufacturer directly and . . . they volunteered to replace it at no charge!
Of course a happy dance was in order and we expect the replacement to arrive early next week. That’s why we are able to have our cold brew concentrate listed again.

And a little touch from heaven – Kumquats are ready! I still think it’s super cool that we get tiny bright bites of Vitamin C goodness at the start of cold and flu season.

BAIN HOME GARDENS: Marketeers, We hope you and yours are doing well. We have had a bit of an odd week with some minor health issues. What absolutely amazes me is that there are so many natural remedies for our everyday illnesses found right out there in nature. Here at Bain Home Gardens our first line of defense is prevention! Naturally occuring vitamins and minerals in what we consume goes a long way towards keeping the body operational! Supplements are great but if you have to take them, as Ros says, “research, research, research”! Remember that all natural does not mean all okay. Some vitamin supplements (Vitamin K) serve as an antidote to some prescription medications (Coumadin). So while nature offers boundless remedies and cures, be safe & do your due diligence.

We are so happy to have gone through the Cottage Food Law training! Most of what we learned was a reinforcement of things we had already picked up from other growers on this market. In fact, that is one thing I enjoy about being a part of the Market at Dothan – the gift of knowledge and education passed from one mind to another. A little education goes a long way! We are happy to use ours to better serve the Wiregrass area.

This week we will be listing Bain Home Garden’s Pepper Jelly for the first time! Featuring our very own Red Hot Cherry Peppers as well as beauties from Hawkins Homestead Farm (both seen above). We are making these available in half pint and pint sizes. As the months progress & the seasons change, we will be offering more flavors. Also this week we will be listing our Kale Salad Blend. We hope you will take advantage of this mix of Curly, Red Russian, & Premiere Kale with beautiful Marigold Blossoms! Top with your favorite dressing & enjoy! We hope to be listing lettuces within the next month but even if we cannot we know Rachel & Danny have you covered! From our family to yours!


Tatsoi growing in our aquaponics bed. New this week.

Today’s thought –
“Being more sustainable by not being such a perfectionist. “

After being a part of this market for 3 years I am even more committed to providing clean,  natural and sustainable food for your table. This year I expanded plantings to grow more. But along  with growing more plants I have also learned that my perfectionism is the enemy of production. I’ve stopped picking out every leaf a bug nibbled on or otherwise isn’t perfect. Mind you,  I’m not talking about “bad produce” (aka chicken snacks) and if you ever have a problem just let me know and I’ll do my best to make it right. I’m also including an extra leaf or 2 to make up for any unusable part.

In other news -
Green beans are just starting. I’ll be picking the first few this week.

Tatsoi, in the aquaponics, is finally big enough. These are great for salad or saute.
Broccoli is coming along.  Hoping to have a couple next week.
Cukes are done till next spring.
Garlic is still waiting to be planted. Tuesday’s rain put a stop to getting the beds prepped.

HAWKINS HOMESTEAD: Hello Market Friends!

Things have been a little crazy busy here at Hawkins Homestead Farm. New birds, new plantings, along with the regularly scheduled program makes for one busy farmer.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for all the new things to come…till next week!


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