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Sept 21, 2017 M@D Newsletter

Market at Dothan is open to accept orders.
Orders close Tuesday at 5pm
We use the word “Sustainable” over “Organic” because you can grow organic without being sustainable, but you cannot be sustainable without utilizing organic practices.

This Week’s Newsletter:
Ketosis Part III
Market Chitchat
Rail Ramblings


This is Part 3 of understanding the Keto Diet.

Is ketosis safe for people with diabetes?
A keto diet leading to ketosis is generally a very powerful treatment to reverse type 2 diabetes.
People with type 1 diabetes can use a keto or low-carb diet to significantly improve their blood-sugar control. They will however normally always require insulin injections, but usually far lower doses on keto. They need to take care to not take too low doses and end up with ketoacidosis, or too high and end up with hypoglycemia.
Both people with type 1 and type 2 may rapidly require a reduction in medication on a keto diet to avoid hypoglycemia.


Foods you can eat on the Keto Diet

Is a ketogenic diet safe for high cholesterol?
Generally, the cholesterol profile tends to improve on a keto diet, lowering triglycerides and raising the good HDL cholesterol. However, a small minority of people may end up with quite high total cholesterol. Whether this is dangerous or safe is debated – there are no quality studies to determine the answer. But should you be one of the few where cholesterol may get up very high, e.g. over 400, you may want to take steps to reduce it just to be safe.

Is keto safe during pregnancy?
A keto diet appears to be safe during pregnancy. It may also be very helpful in the case of gestational diabetes. However, there are no scientific studies on the subject, so there is a lack of definite knowledge. Possibly it’s wise to exercise caution and aim for a more moderate low-carb diet based on the experiences of people who have done it and doctors used to treating patients using a keto diet during pregnancy.

Next week’s installment on the keto diet will cover common questions.


Be sure to mark your calendar for our Fall Market Days. We’re looking forward to spending a couple of lovely mornings at Dothan Nurseries. Our final tent market day will be at Open House on Thursday December 5.


Also, THANK YOU to everyone who has been so helpful and kind to Viki in Ros’s absence.


Greetings from the awesome world of Amtrak. Many of you know the Mr. and I are celebrating 40 years of wedded harmony and are seeing America from a train car. I LOVE IT. The coaches are roomy and comfortable, low to no stress and the pace and scenery are relaxing. I’m penning this note on Thursday, 1 pm central time and we’ve been in Montana maybe half an hour.

Fall Colors have come to North Dakota

So far the best food of the trip has been at my daughters house (Memphis) and Lou Mitchells (Chicago) where I had an apple cheddar omelet. Basically it was a cheese omelet with apple pie filling on top. Train food is ok but nothing to write home about. Once we get to the west coast I expect lots of inspiration as we plan to visit Bob’s Red Mill and the Grateful Bread among others. More to come next week!


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