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March 20, 2021 M@D Newsletter - OrDeRiNg is OpEn!

Market at Dothan is open to accept orders. Orders close Tuesday at 5pm
We use the word “Sustainable” over “Organic”.
You can grow organic without being sustainable, but you cannot be sustainable without utilizing organic practices.
Thank you for your continued support of our local farmers. We count it a privilege to serve you!
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About Us:
Welcome to our Family Farm in Marianna, Florida! Martin’s Harvest was founded by Walter and Tonya Martin in 2020 with a love for growing sustainable, eco friendly, and local produce. Our mission is to provide fresh, high quality produce with as little carbon footprint as possible. We do that by using only organic pesticides and herbicides as well as compostable and biodegradable packaging when available. 


Our 4000 Hydroponic Lettuce House is now fully operational!
We are now growing hydroponic greens year round!
Current Varieties include Arugula, Stir Fry Mix, Kale Medley, Butterhead, Red Bibb, Romaine, Red Veined Sorrel, Micro Greens & Spring Mix.
We look forward to providing you and your family with bountiful lettuce, fruits and vegetables! 

We use organic growing methods and only organic pesticides & herbicides on our crops.

Martins hoop house


Soooooooooo . . . in last week’s newsletter we gave a shout out for the beautiful weather only to have to cancel the Market because of the weather! Market at Dothan operates year around in rain, wind, heat and cold, but we draw the line when Mother Nature gives us storms that could make it unsafe to travel. We don’t want growers or customers on the roads when conditions could be hazardous. Last week was the second time we’ve had to make that hard decision since 2016 and we hope it’s the last time. Please accept our apologize for any inconveniences and we appreciate your understanding.

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Assorted Lettuces, Kale & Microgreens from Martin’s Harvest
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CASABLANCA RANCH: It is safe to say that spring has sprung at the ranch. Most all my young fruit trees have budded out and some of the dormant cutting in the little pots at the barn are showing signs of life. But the surest sign of spring is all the pollen and my allergies going wild. The cows have almost quit eating hay and are on the young grass. D has been repairing some of the fences for me so we can control the grazing and rotate the herd and allow the grass to thrive. We also have welcomed 2 new calves to the ranch, and expect some more soon. I have reduced the herd to about 17 brood cows, but with D helping we plan to rebuild the herd to a bout 50 brood cows for now. We have several beautiful heifers and some of them are bred. I am dividing the new heifers into a different pasture area and these will become D and A’s herd, as me and the old herd begin to fade away. This will be a process, and the schedule will depend on the Lord as he gives me strength. Without them steeping up and helping I would be slowly liquidating the herd now. They did not come to help with any conditions, only to aid this old man. The transferring of the calves is all my idea. It is a thrill to me to not lose the excellent bloodlines I have developed over the years and to be able to impart some of my experience to them. They are diligent to come every day to help see to the needs of the cows and the chickens. I am continuing to build up the fruit and berry stock and to nurture them as best I know how.

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”Why can’t I find___________ on the Market?” That’s a good question with a lot of possible answers!

  • It’s not in season
  • If it is seasonal possible crop failure as Avalon experienced not long ago
  • In the case of meat waiting for animals to grow, then waiting for the butcher is always an issue
  • An item may not be local to this area as we source from a 50 mile radius
  • YOU may be the person supposed to supply that! We are always open to new vendors who meet our sustainable standards. One person and one farm can’t do everything and we’re proud to be a COMMUNITY of like minded growers and producers each doing our part.

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible! `